Pregnancy test using Human chorionic gonadotrophin levels

Pregnancy can be detected by assessing the human chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG, levels in a woman’s body. The presence of this hormone is very prominent during the early onset of pregnancy, and it increases as the pregnancy reaches the 9th month. That’s why it is used to determine if one is pregnant or not. The HCG test can also be used to determine the age of the fetus, detect a potential miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and screen for any syndrome or disease that can affect the growing child. In analyzing the hormone, blood or urine samples are used. A urine sample is used for qualitative measurement of the HCG, and a blood sample is used for quantitative measurement of the HCG levels.

Qualitative HCG testing involves the use of a test strip that is dipped in the urine sample. This method is fast and easy to use and it does not require a trip to the hospital. A positive result is indicated by the appearance or change in color within 5 minutes. It is very important to follow the instructions of the kit precisely in order to avoid inaccurate results. Results may vary depending on the content of the urine sample. The presence of blood or protein in the urine can cause false-positives. On the other hand, if the urine sample is too diluted then a false-negative can be obtained. The presence of drugs, such as antihistamines and diuretics, can produce a false-negative. Other drugs for Parkinson’s and anti-convulsants can result to a false-positive result. In using this kind of HCG test, it is important to take note of the possible factors that can affect the result.

Quantitative tests require blood samples and apart from detecting the amount of HCG present in the body, they are used to detect pregnancy and to monitor the embryo’s condition. This is also used to identify the occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo attaches itself in other parts of the reproductive system (apart from the uterus). An example of this is the fallopian tube. This condition is critical for both the baby and the mother. Usually, a woman experiences the normal signs of pregnancy in the early weeks of the trimester, but it can cause some problems later on unless the HCG levels are known. Some symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include back pains, pain in the lower abdomen, as well as abnormal vaginal bleeding. If not treated immediately, it can lead to vomiting, fainting, and low blood pressure.

If ectopic pregnancy is not diagnosed, it can lead to cardiac arrest and eventually, death. Pregnant women often use the quantitative HCG test in order to ensure that they’re in good health; they also rely on it in making sure that the embryo is properly developing. This test is also administered to detect the possible occurrence of First Trimester Down Syndrome. It is usually done as early as during the 11th week of pregnancy. The screening does not detect all kinds of abnormalities in the developing child. So, follow up tests, such as CVS (or Chorion Villus Sampling) and Amniocentesis, are advised to be done in order to ensure the health of the baby.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin tests are very helpful when it comes to confirming a pregnancy. The tests also do not pose any harmful effect on both the baby and the mother. Remember, the two tests mentioned only differ in the samples used, as well as the factors that can affect the results. It is still advised that expectant mothers seek the advice of a physician in choosing the appropriate test.


Benefits of Good HRCI Certified Programs

When it comes to getting into any career, you need to have the right educational foundation. Most people don’t realize that at first, and end up applying to a lot of jobs. Casting a wide net is a good thing when applying for jobs, but if you don’t have the credentials to back up your application, you will not get a call back. This is evidenced in many industries, but it’s very important to understand that this is a standard within the world of human resources. Without going into one of the best HRCI Certified Programs, you are going to find yourself getting passed up for positions that you want to work within. As such, there are several benefits to looking into this type of program, and can definitely help you gain leverage when entering the workforce.

Boosting Your Value

First and foremost, when you look into this world, you will be boosting the value of your application. Putting experience combined with education is the key to success in the HR world. Because recruiters are looking to hire someone that is not only book smart, but also has experience in the field, this becomes a crucial element of forward progress. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage if you do not have the right elements in place on your applications. That’s where HRCI Certified Programs come into place. The best programs in the industry not only work with formal training, they also work with on hands, HR experience within the parameters of ethical and professional grade management. This boosts the value of your entrance into this world and sets you up for success.

An Investment In Your Future

Education is not just an investment that puts money in the pockets of a school, it gives you a chance to bet on yourself. If you want to go into certain fields, you have to pay tuition to get there. For doctors, lawyers, and MBA’s today, the cost ratio is irreverent when comparing the end result. If you invest in your future right now, and you are certified within the human resources world, you will succeed. There’s no two ways about it, you will see yourself on the other end with a great deal of benefits that will give you a leg up on the competition. There are people today that assume they don’t need this, but at the end of the day, you’ll find that more companies are seeking out certified HR leaders more often than not.

Staying Up To Date

You can get a foundational education of higher learning in college, but you will also need to make sure that you’re looking into HRCI Certified Programs, so that you can absolutely make sure you pass the exams that you need to move forward with certification. Not only that, you will need to renew your certification every three years, and that means that you will need to apply your knowledge to more than just the initial push forward into the industry. It’s easy to get your certificate and then let things lapse as you’re working in the field. Do not let that happen, focus on training, study hard, and go with a program that will give you a fighting chance for success on the exam and renewals down the line.

When companies are growing, and developing new strategies for hiring new employees, HR matters. Without a good human resource department in place, it’s easy to have high turn around, lackluster efficiency, and a myriad of other issues that can arise as a result. It is with that in mind that you will want to look into this opportunity and gain leverage in your education moving forward.


A Wonder Drug Turns Prohibited!

Imagine getting more endurance in the midst of physical inactivity- you get to run further and burn more fats! Amazing, isn’t it? But how in the world can this happen? GW1516, a drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), activates peroxisome proliferator- activated receptor (PPAR) to increase the transcription of genes that aid in muscle metabolism.This receptor is also associated with the transcription of insulin, a hormone that facilitates glucose utilization and subsequent energy production.

The remarkable thing about GW1516 is that it uses fats, instead of the more readily available glucose, as fuel which the body normally uses for long duration exercises. The end result is that the body gets to endure the activity for a longer period of time.A slimming effect has also been associated with this drug due to increased lipolysis, a process that involves fat breakdown. GW1516 even has a synergistic effect with 5-aminoimidazole carboxamideribonucleotide (AICAR). This is a compound needed by the body for the synthesis of amino acids, molecules that serve as building blocks of proteins that are primarily used for muscle growth and development.

However, further researches and experiments on animals show that GW1516 is not as good as what people think it is.
This drug does not only serve as a performance enhancer but is also used to increase the body’s levels of HDL or high density lipoprotein, the good cholesterol, and to control Diabetes Mellitus and obesity. GW1516 could be the work of a genius except for some major drawbacks- it causes cancer and cardiovascular problems.

GSK started the trials for GW1516 in 2001 and the Salk Institute even conducted series of experiments on mice regarding this substance. Researches showed thatGW1516 does not enhance endurance on a sedentary mouse but can increase performance by up to 70% with exercise. The results were promising but GSK suddenly stopped further development in 2007. It has been shown that it is associated with the development of polyps and worse, malignancies in various body organs. Such organs may include, but are not limited to, the liver, the reproductive organs, such as testes and ovaries, and gastrointestinal organs, most especially the stomach.

In 2009, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), an international agency that works for a doping-free sporting environment, banned the use of GW1516 because of its major health risks especially so that there is a great possibility of abuse of this drug among athletes. Early last year, five cyclists have already been suspended from their respective racing teams after testing positive for GW1516. The first athlete to be suspended because of use of GW1516 was Valery Kaykov in early 2013, a Rusvelo cyclist, who had been playing with the team for a while and who had won competitions in his field. Miguel Ubeto, who also tested positive for the sulfone compound present in GW1516shared the same fate as Kaykov. From then on, more and more athletes have been suspended from their respective teams as WADA had strictly implemented the anti-doping campaign.

A urine test had already been developed to easily detect the presence of GW1516compounds in the body.The drug had been included in WADA’s list of prohibited substances in response to concerns raised during the 2008 Beijing Olympics along with other PPAR modulators. WADA claims that this drug will never be allowed to be used by athletes as risks of various health problems totally outweigh the benefits.

Currently, the fight against the use of GW1516 is still on going. The wonder drug that lead so many athletes and their teams to victory is now a drug that can never be cleared for consumption. It’s still up in the market and the temptation for the sports enthusiasts to take it is undeniable. But the good thing is that there are more tests to detect GW1516 in the body and we can only look forward to a hundred per cent negativity among all of the athletes in the world.

The remarkable thing about GW1516 is that it uses fats, instead of the more readily available glucose.


The Purpose of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are coins that companies order for special events. The company logo, slogan, and the company’s mission statement are printed on the coins. The coins are not just for ornamental purposes; they are also used in different organizations to serve an important cause.

Members of the US military carry this special coin with them all the time to symbolize unit identity and esprit de corps. These coins are minted for military units, each bearing specific mottos and symbols. These coins remain to be an important part of military life and are valued by troops in every branch of service.

Soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors carry their coins anywhere they go. These coins identify the owner as a member of a specific unit with a well-defined mission and history. And each time they gather, they challenge each other by coining.

The Popularity of Challenge Coins

Military coins became popular during the Vietnam War, inspired by military forces that created coins to display their identity and their strong bond. Other groups wanted their own coin to symbolize their pride and build camaraderie and membership within an elite group.

A challenge coin is not just a token. This is a great source of pride for America’s warriors at every level in the chain of command. Those with a higher rank use them as on-the-spot awards. Some military leaders use these coins as gifts to civilian VIPs or foreign dignitaries.

Essentially, one should have his challenge coin all the time. Coin checks remain part of military life, and several penalties are still handed over to those who forgot to bring their coins.

How A Soldier’s Life Was Saved By His Challenge Coin: A True Story

The soldier’s plane was damaged severely. The Germans caught him and he was taken captive after his plane crash-landed on enemy territory. The Germans took everything he had except his challenge coin in a leather satchel. The British bombarded the Germans and the soldier took advantage of the situation and escape. He put on a military outfit and successfully escaped the Germans; however, the French did not recognize him as well. When the French was about to put him to death, he showed his medallion. One of the French soldiers noticed the American insignia and he was released.

Other Uses of Challenge Coins

Various NGOs, colleges, churches, schools, and organizations use them to show support for a noble cause. For example, there are several people who support the campaign against AIDS. They put on these coins to create and build awareness for their said cause. Each year, various organizations supporting an advocacy distribute their own customized coins. While these organizations serve a global issue, the color, text, design, graphics, are customized to signify that specific organization.
Customized Coins for Special Occasions

There are lots of people who purchase customized challenge coins during special events. Even private individuals believe that using these coins for their personal event will make it more memorable. Some of the events include 9/11 day, Thanksgiving Day, Parents’ Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other important days that are commemorated globally. Many small and big companies use coins to promote their present and future products. This inexpensive but expressive material is great for advertising a company’s products and services.

For customizing these coins, there are lots of options. The variations can be done in the shape, graphics, logo, material, color, text, and others. The materials used in making these coins also vary. Some are made of gold and others are made of silver. These coins are definitely more expensive compared to other types of challenge coins.


Why is a portable storage container better than rental trucks when moving in to a new house?

A lot of people – who are going to move in to a new house – are arguing about which is better between portable storage container and rental trucks. Many have said that storage container is better than rental trucks. To prove that statement, here are reasons why storage container is better than rental trucks.

Portable storage container does not require driving. Someone would deliver the container to you, for you. You just have to load your container, and give a call to the company who moves and delivers containers. Plus, no driving required can give you comfort because you would not worry about the problems you may face throughout your travel toward your destination. Unlike if you use rental trucks, you will be worried that the tires of the truck will get flat and a whole lot more.

Another advantage of portable storage container is that you have your time. You can pack your things and load your container on a slow pace. You do not have to hurry. Unlike in a rental truck, you have to hurry because you only rented a truck and you have a deadline for using it because someone has to use the truck after you.

The third advantage of using a portable storage container for moving in to your new house is that storage containers are less expensive than rental trucks. When you use rental trucks in moving in to your new house, you are going to pay for the rental of the truck, you even have to pay for the gas and when the tires of the truck got flat, you have to pay for new tires. You have to pay for everything that might happen throughout your travel to your new house. However, if you use a storage container, you do not have to pay for gas or anything. You just have to pay the company – who will deliver your container to you – at a very low price.

Fourth advantage of using storage container is you can load in the container room by room. For example, you can load the furniture of the kitchen in a container, and then in another container you can load into it the furniture of the living room. You can organize each container by room. Unlike in rental trucks, you have to load all of your furniture of you whole house. You can’t organize your things inside the truck because a) rental trucks are not that huge and b) you do not have time to organize because you are in a hurry.

Fifth advantage of using storage container in moving in to a new house is you can be sure that your things are secured or your container is secured. No one can break into your containers because it is made of steel and its lock is very hard to open. Plus, fragile things are secured because while your container is being transported, minimal movement is ensured. It doesn’t move too much unlike in rental trucks.

Yet another advantage of using storage container in moving into a new house is that you don’t have to do a lot of lifting. A storage container, when delivered, would stand on the ground. You can just push your heavy boxes into the containers unlike in rental trucks. In rental trucks you have to spend all of your energy in lifting things.

Portable Storage Container is definitely better than rental trucks. So if you are going to move in to your new house, buy a portable storage container and start packing up.


The Drawbacks of Being a Motivational Speaker

People may be wondering about the drawbacks of being a motivational speaker. At first, it seems that there is hardly any disadvantage of being one because the nature of this job is all good and pleasant. However, with a closer look, one will be able to come up with a few reasons why they should think twice before deciding on pursuing this career. Look over this list first before settling with a decision.

A motivational speaker aims to reach a lot of people. These speakers hold talks with audiences with different nationalities and cultures from all walks of life. In line with this, they may have to travel to many places away from their home. Most of the time, it is difficult to go on a journey with their family so they have little or no chance at all of bringing them along. More often than not, they spend extended periods of time without seeing them. It will be even more difficult if they have children. Having their kids grow with them constantly absent from their side is really a major disadvantage of being a speaker. What is more, when they are at home, paperwork and preparations cannot be stopped. This then results to them being busy despite their stay in their respective houses.

Alongside traveling is the need to stay at apartments and hotels. A professional motivational speaker should be prepared to sleep in budget lodgings and to deal with measly prepared meals. Realistically speaking, not all speakers are granted with five-star hotel accommodations and benefits. Although this can be considered a minor drawback only, people should also think of their welfare before signing up for this job. If they are really not passionate about this, they will just be wasting their time and effort. Only those who are truly committed in motivating other people can rise up and set aside these challenges to continue with this career choice.

Also, not all audiences are appreciative of them. Sometimes, they get negative comments and feedbacks too. Despite their hard work and perseverance in motivating their listeners, they do not always succeed. Expectations are not met and frustrations get worse. This is the life of many of them. They are always on their toes for whatever they are about to say or do for these things might influence their reputation. They have to bear in mind, however, that they are not perfect and there is always a fraction of their audience whom they cannot please. They have to try to be positive despite all these things pulling them down.

“Sometimes, the person who tries to make everyone happy ends up feeling the loneliest.” – This saying may not hold true at all times. However, a motivational speaker is prone to experiencing this first hand. Often times, a motivated and positive façade makes people forget that behind it is one’s own needs too. Speakers seem strong always that they find it difficult to put down their mask even if things seem very depressing and hopeless. Like everyone else, they are emotional beings who still get hurt and weak. They may have surpassed a lot of challenges in their life but that does not mean they are immune to pain. This fact seems to have slipped people’s minds very easily, resulting to the breakdown of even the most famous speakers.

It may seem unlikely but it is true that being a motivational speaker has drawbacks too. Even such a beautiful and positive job can lead to overwhelming emotional outbursts as well. For all the people considering this job, it is then important to have a wholehearted commitment and determination first before engaging in this work. This profession is not just an occupation, it is a vocation too.

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A professional motivational speaker should be prepared to sleep in budget lodgings and to deal with measly prepared meals. If they are really not passionate about this, they will just be wasting their time and effort.


Benefits of Using ID Lanyards

ID Lanyards are popularly used in many companies, hospitals, schools, and even prison facilities. These lanyards can also be worn on public gatherings like concerts, trade fairs and conventions.

Lanyards have come a long way. These were originally used as cords or ropes to secure objects in place. Typically worn around the neck, shoulder or wrist, their appearances and functions have evolved throughout the years. However, the basic functions of these lanyards remained the same and these include securing an object and placing it within arm’s-length of the user.

ID Lanyards became sought-after accessories because of the following:

1. Ease of Use

In the early years, IDs were pinned to the clothes using pins or snaps.

It presented a difficulty when the clothes are fragile or can easily snag and tear. So, most employees wear their identification cards pinned to the belt holder of their pants or even to their bags.

With the introduction of the lanyards, this kind of problem was adequately addressed. The lanyards can be easily slipped over the head even during the morning rush to the office. Credentials are now prominently displayed for everyone to see. Distinguishing actual company personnel from outsiders or visitors has also turned out to be very easy.

These lanyards are also a breeze to take off. There are no small pins to unfasten, which can be troublesome for arthritis sufferers or individuals with nerve problems.

When swiping IDs for identification purposes, these lanyards are long enough to reach a mounted card reader. Moreover, RFID cards that require no contact from a card reader can be effortlessly lifted from the chest area for a quick sweep in front of a sensor.

2. Convenience

ID Lanyards make it convenient for company employees and visitors to comply with regulations regarding the proper wearing of ID cards at all times. The names of personnel can be readily seen by customers, as well as co-workers for easy dealing and interaction.
3.Security and Safety

ID Lanyards offer a sure way of boosting visibility in many business establishments. For security reasons, only bona-fide personnel should be given access to sensitive areas within the office. When these lanyards are worn, recognizing outsiders from authorized personnel becomes easier, even in large gatherings like concerts, trade shows and other corporate events.

4. Affordable

These lanyards are so affordable and can easily fit in the company’s budget. It is also cost-effective and durable. Its wide range of design and colors offers a wide variety of options for large and small companies.

Costing less than a dollar, these lanyards can also be used for a long time. They can’t be easily lost or misplaced, unlike ID pins or clips.

5. Personalized lanyards

ID Lanyards can be easily personalized with the brand logo or a particular design preference. With so many colors and styles to choose from, company names, logos or texts can be printed to fit the width and length of the lanyards.

Lanyards are made of the following materials:

• Woven:

In Polyester material: Polyester is a very sturdy material. It is resistant to wrinkling, mildew and abrasion.


Made of ribbed polyester, it is the most popular material to use in making lanyards. Micro-weave fabrics are resistant to molds and considered to be allergen barriers.

• Optiweave:

This material is made of strong woven nylon and is flat-braided. It’s a good choice for silkscreen printing.

• Ultraweave:

Ultraweave is made of light, satiny polyester and is a porous material. It allows air to pass through the material, making it “breathable.”

• Flat Woven:

Made of textured polyester, it is economical to use and usually chosen by companies with budget constraints.


The Beginner Golfer’s Shopping Checklist: Basic Golf Equipment to Start Playing

In some sports, it can be easy to enjoy the game and successfully become an advanced player. You simply need to educate yourself by learning the rules and training to get the necessary skills. However, there are also some sports that require more than just knowledge about gameplay and skills. Nevertheless, there are some sports where it is equally important to have proper equipment. This is especially true in golf, where a player’s choice of golf equipment can make or break his game.

If you are reading this, then there’s a good possibility that you need help shopping for your first set of golfing equipment. As a beginner, start with all the basic stuff: proper attire, your own golf balls, and a complete set of golf clubs.

The Basic Stuff

1. The Golfing Attire:

If you haven’t played golf before, it may come as a surprise that your choice of clothes will be considered as a basic necessity in playing the sport. It may not be considered as equipment, but your attire should be carefully chosen whenever you enter a field to play. This is not about something as shallow as blending in to look just as professional as the other seasoned players in the field.

Choosing your attire is a display of respect for the dress codes set by the golf range where you intend to play. In general, proper golf attire includes skirts with shorts for girls. Sometimes each golf range has its own set of rules for their dress codes. It is best to learn about this before trying to play in the field. The last thing you want is to make the trip to a golf course, head for the filed all equipped and ready, and then be told that you will not be permitted to play since you’re not following the club’s dress code.

2. The Golf Ball:

Golf balls are surrounded with dimples and they typically come in white. There are also those that come in brighter neon colors so that players can easily locate them in the field. Golf balls are generally categorized as either recreational or advanced types of balls. You may think that it is quite easy to shop for this type of golf equipment, and that is true, although you have to be aware that the golf balls you purchase should be pre-approved by the US Golf Association ab by the R&A if you should use them, especially for professional tournaments.

3. The Golf Clubs:

Among the most basic golf equipment that you will need to play in the field, golf clubs are probably the most important and are also the most complicated to understand. There are various types of golf clubs, and each type is used to achieve different degrees of loft and flight distances. Some of the most basic types of clubs that you must have in your set are putters, wedges, woods, irons, and hybrid clubs. You are allowed to bring along with you up to 14 clubs in a regular game. It is important to know what types of clubs to purchase and which ones to bring during each game. There are a lot of factors that will dictate the types of golf clubs that are most suitable for your body type, level of skill, and style of game play.

The bottom line here is that you will basically shop for golf attire, some golf balls, and your first set of golf clubs. Take the time to ask for info from experienced golfers and professionals who can give you some smart advice. Shopping for your first pieces of golf equipment will be fun if you know what you’re looking for.

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